Serving Campbelltown Since 1999

The Totally Locally Committed (TLC) Party has been serving Campbelltown since 1999. We are a team of local candidates with varying perspectives and life experiences united by our shared commitment and passion for doing all we can to make Campbelltown a great place to live, work and play.

Councillor Warren Morrison was selected to carry the mantle of leadership for the TLC Party in 2016 and continues to work tirelessly in any way he can to maintain the vision of improving life in Campbelltown for its citizens. Our team is a diverse group of people of varying ages and backgrounds who all share in this vision.

Each of us is a proud citizen of Campbelltown and the Macarthur many of us having lived in the area our entire lives. As our motto says, “Everybody Needs a Little TLC” and it is our hope that with the support of the community we can continue to provide that and ensure that our local government always puts Campbelltown first.